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Astrology offers us a glimpse into our personal cosmic stamp on the universe; no two souls and no two natal charts are exactly alike.  Astrology offers us in depth insight into ourselves, our strengths, our wounds, our fears, and it helps direct our healing needs so that we can develop mastery, empowerment and discover our unique skills, talents and potentials -finally fulfilling the purpose the universe has intended for you in this lifetime.

Karmic Natal Chart Reading

Natal Charts offer a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born.  Learn the significance of the unique culmination of planetary energies that created who you are!  Gain insight and awareness into YOU!

1 1/2 - 2 Hour Session - by appointment only


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Electoral Astrology

Trying to find the best date for your wedding, purchasing your new home, or other major life event or special occasion - Electoral Astrology Does That! Let me help you discover the most auspicous date(s) for your needs, and according to your requirements.

By Appointment Only


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