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About Shelley:

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A lifelong learner, healer, activist and mystic, Shelley has been a student of the profound from a very early age. Her personal and profession practice is a weaving together of the deeply spiritual, the deeply political and the deeply psychological.  Being grounded in the intersection and interconnection of all things; she is driven to look for the “notes in between” the stories we are told in our history books and the deeper truths that echo from the recesses of the Earth Herself. I believe in equality, justice and the sacredness of all things; I revel in transformational journeys of the soul, celebrate our common search for meaning in life & finding healing in community and each other. 

Shelley's professional development lead to the State University of New York at Purchase where she studied Psychology and Gender Studies while being actively involved in the New York LGBTQI community, passionately pursuing Transgender Visibility and an end to gatekeeping policies that prevented transitional services to many seeking to live congruent lives.  

After undergrad Shelley went on to pursue graduate studies at Smith College School of Social Work, shifting focus from the political to the personal by honing her skills as a Clinical Social Worker. Then to Cambridge College to pursue a masters degree in Pastoral Counseling & Holistic Mental Health Counseling. 

Shelley has also been a student of astrology for over 30 years, specializing in  Karmic Astrology which focuses on our evolutionary journey towards healing in this lifetime and from past incarnation.

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