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Welcome to a new awareness of self and your path in life. 

Astrology is a cosmic science, and healing art that offers us a path towards integration, connection, empowerment and transformation. Through a thorough exploration of ones natal chart (the maps of the celestial event happening at the moment of our birth) we can better understanding of ourselves, gain insight into our deepest needs, and learn about the tools that can be helpful in letting go of what is holding us back from creating a more fulfilling life.

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Hello, my name is Shelley Holloway and my work as an astrologer has spanned more that 30 years of learning, research, and exploration into the human psyche via traditional and non-traditional paths of study. My approach to astrology is rooted in the intersection of all things, and a deep appreciation and understanding of the complexity of identity and the human spirit.


My mission is to assist you in finding your most authentic "higher" self ("who you would be if no one was watching") in a collaborative, powerful and irreverent manner. Whether you are a seeker or you are secular, our true sign posts will be your own Core Self that will lead us on a journey towards healing, connection, transformation and empowerment.

What is Astrology? Let's clear up some common misconceptions...


The misconceptions about astrology are many - and many people are invested in spreading false information about the oldest science on Earth. Real astrology crosses all corners of the globe with ancient systems dating back to the earliest scientific endeavors of humanity. The greatest minds in history were as invested in the science of astrology as they were the creation of complex mathematical equations and medicine. Many of our modern day systems of science, technology and culture are rooted in humanities search for significance in the stars.  Most modern astrologers, like scientists in the dominantly accepted fields of chemistry and biology, have dedicated their lives to empirically researching over 3 millennia worth of data compiled by multiple cultures and in multiple systems of astrology (ye ol' peer review). Both the astrologers of old and modern day astrologers alike agree - there is a sympathy (science, religion, metaphysics, music, nature and the mind-body-spirit connection agree as well) between humanity and the universe - astrology is the language we humans have devised to help us describe this unity.

As a Karmic (Evolutionary) Astrologist, my work isn't about vagueness and attempting to predict your day, let alone the distant future. I utilize astrology to explore the spiritual purpose of this lifetime, as a tool for transformation and healing; through a better understanding of the lessons we are meant to work through in this incarnation. 


Much like personal coaching and counseling, your astrology session will be a conversation using the counsel of the planets to help you better understand yourself and the major life events you have experienced. As a counseling astrologer, I am honored to assist you by helping you better understand your soul’s map (the astrology chart), and through this awareness and the shedding light on the shadowy places of your psyche, great healing can happen.  With that knowing, the path ahead is clear and your purpose becomes the destination.

Astrology speaks a language of symbols, archetypes, emotional landscapes and ultimately the language of YOU.

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