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Base Fees:

Individual Weekly Therapy

  • 15 Minute Phone Consultation: Free

  • 50 Minute Initial Intake Session: $225

  • 50 Minute Weekly Psychotherapy Session: $200 

I am currently accepting new telehealth therapy clients; and will soon be opening my office for in person sessions.

At this time, I am not accepting any insurance reimbursement; private pay only.

Cash, Checks, Debit/Credit Cards Accepted.

I do offer limited income-based sliding scale for clients who qualify.


The Stucture of Therapy:

Consistancy is an essential factor in effective psychotherapy, this is facilitated by the weekly theraputic hour - a 50 minute session, set aside each week just for you. These weekly sessions continue for as long as needed, to help you resolve and fully work through the core issues presented at the beginning of therapy, and at any point a re-examination of these goals is welcomed.  Once you feel you have made significant progress, a dialog about moving to biweekly therapy schedule may prove beneficial to your healing process. At any point in our collaboration you are free to bring up any uncomfortable feelings that emirge throughout this process, whether that is a simple conflict with our meeting time, or more complex issues that impacts the quality of our theraputic alliance - it is all griss for the mill.  During this process I will be as transparent as possible about my cancelation policies, fee schedules, and all other areas of my practice than might affect you.

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