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Cosmic Healing Psychotherapy Services

What makes Cosmic Healing Psychotherapy different?


While I provide individual psychotherapy to adults dealing with a wide range of emotional, spiritual, and behavioral issues, much like other therapist and counselors - my specialization in trauma informed, spiritually integrative work with marginalized identities and spiritualities sets me apart.


My mission is to assist you in finding your most authentic "higher" self ("who you would be if no one was watching") in a collaborative, powerful and irreverent manner (who knew therapy could be funny!?).


While I am skilled in many theraputic perspectives and utilize several traditional evidence-based treatment modalities, it is my own nontraditional theoretical orientation, lived experience and professional background that has culminated in a holistic perspective combining feminist & post-modern theory, recovery models, metaphysics, astrology, and intuitive processing. Whether you are a seeker or you are secular, our true sign posts will be your own Core Self that will lead us on a journey towards healing, connection, transformation and empowerment.

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