Cosmic Healing Psychotherapy Services

Therapy is a tool that helps us find healing from emotional pain, and a new set of skills for embracing life from a sense of empowerment. You are not alone! Many people find themselves experiencing symptoms of depression (low mood, apathy, low energy, feelings of numbness), anxiety (racing thoughts, fear, panic), or are struggling with loss, negative self-defeating thoughts and patterns, reliance on substances, or failed relationships; and feel that they want help with these overwhelming feelings but have lost hope and are without a source of strength.
Psychotherapy offers a gradual yet gentle process towards managing these life issues, helping you gain the insight and awareness needed for personal growth, and recovery from self-defeating behaviors. At Cosmic Healing Psychotherapy, we believe that the therapy process should be very individualized, and oriented to the needs of the client - we believe in a collaborative process which harnessess the power of human potential and the desire to thrive, not merely survive.

Many people come to therapy not knowing what to expect, and that's fine. I am your guide along this journey, and our task in the beginning is to slowly understand your self-identified issues of concern, your needs from the theraputic alliance (that's us), and the direction you are hoping to move towards. I welcome any questions, comments, or feedback you have along the way - afterall this is your journey. As your therapist, I will listen with focused attention, asking questions, offering insight, suggestions, and direction as needed; always with your freewill and betterment in mind.  As our work deepens, new levels of emotional catharsis, and shifting perspectives on life tend to emerge; and new levels of self-mastery unfold, with an overall sense of connection, empowerment, wholeness and emotional health being gained. 

This greater sense of self-mastery happens as we make a commitment towards healing - integrating the lessons from your past, learn to stay present in the here and now, an learn to utilize your hopes and vision for your future as sign post that lead you towards ultimate fulfillment in this lifetime. You may be wondering if this is a difficult or painful process, I would say that this is no more difficult that suffering with the emotional pain you are already dealing with. Therapy works, when we work it; and those who put in the effort to heal will generally get more out of the process. The good news is, you now have a trusted ally with you, who can inspire and challenge you when needed, and offer empathy and support as we work through difficult emotions like anger, resentment, shame, guilt, and loneliness. Tears happen! but suffering doesn't have to be forever...and who knows, you may just learn to enjoy the healing release of crying and find comfort in exploring your own inner landscape of feelings, thoughts, dreams, passions, longings...